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July 26, 2008
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1to9 haeds tall body tag by ZiyoLing 1to9 haeds tall body tag by ZiyoLing
a popular tag around the Chinese artists' blog, I haven't been tagged but it seems really fun so i stole it from some one's blog~XD sorry for the bad translation`^^;

the 1 to 9 heads tall tag, rules:
*firstly , people who get tagged need to answer these questions 作畫之前: *

1 what's ur name? 請問你的姓名?
--Sash ( Ziyo Ling )

2 what's the proportion of body to head that u usually draw in ( ? heads tall)? 平時作畫習慣是幾頭身?
--erm.. 5~7 heads tall when drawing human chars~=D
my sonic fan chars r in 3~4 heads tall~

3 what's the name of the character u choose to this tag? what's the proportion of his/her body to head? 要畫的角色姓名?他/她原本的身高?
--Leavy the white fox girl,
she's usually in about 5~6 heads tall proportion.

**than, draw sketches of ur character from 1 haed tall to 9 heads tall 作畫之中:**

***after the sketches , there are more questions 作畫之後: ***

4 while drawing, which proportion do u think is the easiest to draw? 作畫過程中,幾頭身的人物畫得最順手?
--the body of 2 haeds tall =w=

5 which proportion do u think is the hardest to draw? 作畫過程中,幾頭身的人物畫得很辛苦?
--the last one,9 heads tall, it hard but fun to draw her long legs n sexy body XD

finally, tag 5 people~請把這個問卷傳給其他的五人

i tag :icone09etm::iconriokshte::iconxxmintxx::iconhizuki24::iconqinni:

yeah any others can take this tag away if feel interested in it~ C=

character - Leavy the white fox (c) sash0 (Ziyo Ling)
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This is really interesting! I've never seen someone do something like this before. It's very helpful seeing characters of increasing/decreasing height standing in a line like this.
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